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Hello !
I'm Gin Rickey (^-^)/

I have introduced innovative fans; "PIROUETTE" by TWIN BIRD and "GreenFan Japn" by VALMUDA.

These company has common points.

  1. Local company
       TWIN BIRD(main office) is located in Niigata Pref. and VALMUDA(main factory) is located in Yamagata Pref.

  2. Made in Japan
       They procure most of parts in Japan and they make their products in Japan.
       Made in Japan is their policy.

  3. Innovation
       We know living fans before long ago.
       And we have stereotpe about fans; figure, strucure, function, etc.
       But, they threw the stereotype, and they produced their products through their innovative ideas.

Recently, it said that home electrical market was saturated and it is difficult to make added-value and the profit.
But, I don't think so.

These companys demonstrate that we can make innovative home electrical products in Japan.

What we have to do from now is removing our stereotype and considering new value for customers.

Hello !
I'm Gin Rickey (^-^)/

I introduced the living fan made by VALMUDA, yesterday.

I think it is innovative fan and I want to introduce the reason.

The picture below is the blade structure of "GreenFan Japan".
Do you find the different from other conventional fans ?

Yes, you know, the blade has two kinds of blades; inner blade and outside blade.
The conventional blade dosen't have this kind of blade structure.


Why does the GreenFan Japan has two kinds of blade ?
The hint of the reason is how to blow the wind.

The conventional fan's blade makes irregular air current,
So, we feel the wind from every fans artificial.
That is uncomfortable for us when we use long time.
But, this blade structure has not changed for about 100 years.

Then, the engineers of VALMUDA considered how to make natural wind.
And they got inspiration through their many development.
The point for making natural wind was making wind focus point and diffusing the wind from its focus point.
For realizing the concept, they made two kinds of blade structure,
and they desighed the blades; the inner blade works slower and the outside blade works faster.

The wind diffused from focus point is more mild.
So, we feel the wind natural and very comfortable.

In fact, most users said the wind of GreenFan Japan was very natural
and more confortable than other fans.

That is GreenFan Technology.

This blade structure brought innovation for living fans.


What a great technology is !!!
Amazing !!!


Hello !
I'm Gin Rickey (^-^)/

I introduced living fans three times.
And... today's topic is also living fan. 

I am interested in another living fan.

This is "GreenFan Japan" which is made by BALMUDA.
This fan's feature is blowing natural wind, not artifitial wind.
So, the wind is very comfortable.

BALMUDA has their own policy and innovated living fan.

Are you interested in this fan ?

I want to introduce their policy and their innovation, next time.  




 Hello !
I'm Gin Rickey (^-^)/

Today's theme is also "Living Fan" 

When I watched business documentary TV program yesterday,
it said that TWIN BIRD produced new brand and new model of living fans.

TWIN BIRD is a home electronics company,
and the central office is located in Niigata Pref.

My image about TWIN BIRD products is more simple function and lower cost than other maker products.
That means it is not good.

But, yesterday's news changed my image.

TWIN BIRD established their new branch company; MAINTS.
And they introduced new model living fans.
I was surprised at their cost.
Each of them are 50,000 yen (back of piture) and 80,000 yen (front of picture).
Both are expensive !
Their cost are comparable to cost of Dyson's fans.


Their fans features are below.
  1. Motor type is DC motor (Lower electric power and Economy)
  2. The head swing 360 degree
  3. It can be controled by the remote controller and LED touch panel
       You can control swing area as you like if you trace LED ring with your finger
      360_P1180535_s.jpg     P1180540_s.jpg 
  4. Stylish body (the metal body is polished like mirror)
       Polish makers are famous for high polish technology in Tsubame city in Niigata.

You can check the detail below the site. (but, only Japanese)

TWIN BIRD and MINTS said that they will produce various electrical products as new consept.
So, I'm looking forward to next their products.
Hello !
I'm Gin Rickey (^-^)/

I wrote about the living fan yesterday,
and I bought the fan with AC motor type made by HITACHI in the consumer-electronics store.

After I went back home, I set it in my living room soon.
How is it ?
It's simple style and good.


By the way, I looked for other type fan at Rakuten web site yesterday.
I found unique living fan ! 

The product name is "Kamome-fan".
"Kamome" means a gull.
This fan has seven blades which are designed by inspiration from gull's wings.
Then, the fan is very efficient.
The wind reaches up to 10 meters away. It's amazing !
And the motor type is DC, so it works with lower power.


In addition, this fan has two features that I am interested in.

 1. The head swing in 3D
      Conventional living fans swing in a horizontal direction, but we have to fix angle in a vertical position.
      But, this fan can swing automatically in a horizontal and vertical direction.
      You can watch the video below.

 2.  Aroma wind
     If you drop some kinds of aroma oil in the fan guard,
     you can feel more comfortable.
     we often use aroma diffuser in winter, but we don't need it in summer.
     This is good for enjoying aroma.


How do you think of this fan ?
I think it is almost perfect. 

I might buy this fan if I would find it before I bought new fan in the cosumer-electronics store.

This fan is very FANTASTIC !!!

Check it below if you are interested in this fan.


Gin Rickey

Author:Gin Rickey
Hello !
My name is "Gin Rickey".
I live in Kansai area in Japan. Kansai area includes Kyoto city that is very famous for foreigners.
Now, I work as engineer and study English for my business.
One of my English teacher is Filipino and she is interested in Japanese goods because every Japanese goods are high quality and safety.
But she dosen't know where she can buy Japanese goods and what she should buy.
I wonder there are a lot of people like her all over the world.
Then, I want to recommend Japanese goods what I or my friends have used in this blog.
I'm glad that this blog will be helpful for many people.
Please check my blog !!!

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